Every woman has a story and a unique journey. Anita Bilardi attempts to infuse these stories into the soul of every bag by combining together the traditional and the trendy along with the ethnic and the local. Every single stitch is the result of the marriage between master craftsmanship and innovation.

Born out of the desire for the ultimate form in beauty and simplicity, Anita Bilardi makes a powerful feminine statement through ethics and aesthetics captured by the imagination of Giuliana Guiso, the creator and designer of these indulgent pieces of art. There is little wonder then that the creativity and conception of every Anita Bilardi story takes shape in the Province of Frosinone, where unemployment, especially among women, remains a significant challenge.

ICON – The Picasso Bag

The Picasso Bag truly embodies the brand philosophy and production expertise of Anita Bilardi bags.
The result of considerable research and study, its 4 seams represent the idea of simplicity and elegance and continues to evolve through interpretations and dimensions.
Born as a de-structured bag, the Picasso is light though it has a body that provides both strength and character. This is in contrast with the softness of the Nappa leather it is made with, which provides a truly unforgettable tactile experience.
This is sheer art in the form of everyday living.

Produced in the Tuscan leather district, Anita Bilardi is a symbol of the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence. This excellence is guaranteed through the ‘100% Made in Italy’ traceability certification by the Italian T-Fashion traceability system. Handcrafted using traditional approaches to leather craft using the choicest raw materials, along with excellence in everything from tanning to the cut has made Anita Bilardi a true ambassador of Italian artistry and authenticity, waiting to be discovered by you.